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Absorb offers a variety of in-app options to view historical actions in the LMS. A full article covering those options can be found here, however this article dives specifically into the Activity Feed Report. This Report exists on a per User basis, and can be accessed from the Users Report.

When an Admin finds a Learner enrolled in a Course that they should not have access to, they can go to that Learner's Activity Feed Report to view that Learner's Enrollments and Course Activity.

Two columns have been added to this report to assist with tracking Learner Enrollments or Course Activity.

The two new columns are Initiated by and Impersonated by. These columns are available to all Report tools and can be included in exports like any existing column.


Initiated By

  • This is the account that performed the Activity.

  • If an Admin manually enrolled or unenrolled the Learner, manually completed an Enrollment, or manually granted a Competency, the Admin's name will appear here.

  • If an Admin creates/updates a rule that automatically enrolls a User (as a brand-new enrollment or an automatic re-enrollment in the future), the name of that Admin will appear here even if the Admin's account is Inactive at the time of the enrollment.
  • If the Learner affected Enrollment activity, made a comment, or earned a Competency the Learner's name will appear here.

  • When the current Admin doesn’t have permission to view the account that initiated the Action, this column will show N/A.


Impersonated By

  • If an Impersonation was in progress, the account of the impersonator will appear here.

  • If there was not an Impersonation going on, this column will say N/A.

  • You may even see a System Admin impersonating a Department Admin and performing an action on the Learner as that Department Admin.

  • When the current Admin doesn’t have permission to view the Impersonating User account, this column will show N/A.


User Impersonation History

Follow these steps to view User Impersonations via the Activity Feed Report:

  1. Navigate to Users from the Users icon on the left-side menu.
  2. Select the User that you would like to report on, then on the right-hand Action Menu, click on the blue View Activity Feed action button.
  3. From the Activity Feed Report, you will be able to view the Initiated by & Impersonated by columns. 
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