How Admins can Configure the Viewable Content on the Learner Social Profile

The following is for portals that have the social features turned on, for information on how to enable these feature go to this article


If the Social Profile is enabled on your portal, your Learners will be able to view a version of the profile of other Learners from links available in Leaderboards and course comments.  The Learner Social profile can be configured to display information about the learner such as Job Title, Badges, Completed Courses, etc. 

Any Admin with the appropriate permissions can configure the field that the learners see in the Learner Social Profile.  This article guides Admins on how to modify the content users will see in the Social Learner Profile.    


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Sign in to the LMS and select the Menu icon from the upper right corner of the Learner Dashboard.


Scroll down and select Manage Templates.

3. Select the Settings tab to view all setting options.    image_3a.png

Scroll down until you see the Profile.  Click on the Profile to reveal the Social Profile Visibility options.


Check off the Learner Activity options that you want viewable.  This includes Badges and Competencies, Certificates and completed Courses. By default, all options are selected.


Then select the Identification Information that you want to appear in the Social Profile.  

This information is based on the user fields made visible by the System Admin within the Portal Settings. Fields that are set as Optional, Required or Read Only are made available for selection in the profile.

By default, Job Title, Supervisor and Department have been selected and will be displayed.


You will have an option to select Additional Information.  This is a list of custom fields that have not been marked as Private.  By default all these fields are deselected and are not displayed.


Click on the Save button on the lower right hand side of the page to save your configurations.   

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