How Learners Can Edit Their Conversation Email Settings

The following is for portals that have the social features turned on, for information on how to enable these feature go to this article


If User Conversations have been enabled for your Portal, your Learners may be able to modify their email settings.  They will have the option to receive or turn off emails when another learner messages them.  If they choose to receive emails, they will then also have the option to configure their own snooze time period between new message email notifications from a Learner. This article walks the Learner through the steps needed to edit their Conversations email settings.

Important Note

Learners can only edit the email settings for their User Conversations if the permission for Profile edits have been enabled.  System Admins can provide this permission through the Profile options (in Settings) under the Manage Templates section.


Step Action  Image

Sign in to the LMS and select the Profile icon from the upper right corner of the Learner Dashboard.

2. Select the Settings tab to view the Settings that can be edited.    Image_2b.png

Move the toggle to the left (no arrow will be displayed) to turn off all email notifications for new messages. If the toggle is set to the right and the arrow is displayed (as in the image), emails will be sent whenever a new message is sent by another Learner.


If messages are enabled, you can choose to configure the snooze time by writing in the  hours and minutes that you want to pass before any new email notifications are sent for new messages from a Learner.    

For example, If you choose 2 hours, after your first email about a new message from a Learner, you will only receive an email when a message is sent from the same Learner 2 hours later. 

5. Click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the Settings page.  Image_4b.png
6. You can confirm the changes and view the Social Profile that others see by clicking View Social Profile which is available under the other edit options on the left side of the screen.   Image_6c.png


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