How to Zip (Compress) SCORM Files


Before you import third-party content you've downloaded into the LMS, you may need to re-zip (compress) the SCORM package.

Your computer and/or browser settings may have default configurations instructing downloaded zip files to be decompressed during the download process.  This would result in a folder that contains the individual files of the SCORM package, but not in a format for upload into the LMS.

Important Note:  If you use a third-party utility, like WinZip, the following instructions may not be applicable.  Please refer to your product's support instructions.

PC Instructions

Note: These instructions follow the process when using the default Windows compression tool. 

Step Instructions
1. Open the downloaded folder.
2. Right-click in the folder and select the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders option from the menu.
3. A window will open, showing where the extracted files will be saved to on your device.  Click the Extract button.

Note: Make sure the "Show extracted files when complete" option is selected. Also, depending on which compression tool you are using, such as WinZip, the file may open within your tool.
4. The extracted filed folder will automatically open.  From here:
  • Select all files (using Ctrl +A or the Select All button).
  • Right-click on the file list (not just in the folder itself), and hover over the Send to option.
  • Click on the Compressed (zip) folder option.
  • The new zipped folder will appear in the file list ready for you to rename.
  • Drag this zipped folder to your desktop and upload it into the LMS.

Mac Instructions

Note: If you are working on an Apple computer and using Safari, you can stop your machine from auto-decompressing downloads by following these instructions

Step Instructions
1. Click on the downloaded zip folder and select Open.
A regular folder will appear.  It will share the same name as the zip folder.
2. Double-click on the new folder to view the files.  From here:
  • Select all files (Command + A).
  • Click the Gear icon button and choose Compress # Items.
  • A new zip folder named Archive will appear. You can rename this file.
  • Drag this zipped folder to your desktop and upload it into the LMS.


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