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The Logins Report provides you with data of how the in your LMS are using the system. The most common use of this report is to gain insight into User engagement with your LMS and track login trends based on time of year. If you have trainings that are due certain times of year, or are implementing Learner engagement strategies, you can use this Report for a high level view of how many people are logging into your system over a certain period of time.

The Logins Report is located in the Setup tab on the left side of the Admin Interface. Selecting the report name will redirect you to the Logins Report page. From here, you can filter results based on a variety of data points.

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  • This report will only display active User data.
  • Be mindful that opening a report may also bring up a favorite saved layout, or a shared default organizational report layout.


Report Data

You can customize this report to provide information on many different data points in order to tailor it to your preferences. The available data fields, which are the columns in the report, are listed below.

Data Fields


  • Fields that have an asterisk (*) symbol are included in the Report's default layout. 
Data Column Description
ID This column displays the unique identifier for each instance of a login attempt.
Time* This column displays the date and time that the login was attempted.

This column displays the value populated in the User's Profile > Username field.

The Username is a name-based identity used to distinguish each User as they are added to the LMS.

Was Successful* This column displays whether or not the login was successful. If the wrong password was entered, the column will state "Was Successful = No"


Report Actions

After navigating to a Report, you can perform administrative actions. These action commands become available once a row in the table is selected. The Actions menu is displayed on the right-hand frame of the page. An individual row selection will open the Actions menu.

Note: Action options are dependent on your individual Admin Role permission(s). Some actions listed in the table below may not be available to all Admins. If you have questions related to your permission set, please contact your local System Admin for details.


The actions listed in the table below are can be applied to a single row item

Action Menu Option Description
Edit User Click this button to launch a workspace to edit the User.
User Transcript Click this button to launch a workspace to view the selected User's full training history.
View Enrollments Click this button to launch a report where you can view and update the selected User's enrollment status in any training they are enrolled into.
Deselect Click this button to clear current selections.


Report Roles & Permissions

Below are the Required Role Permissions the Admin will need to access this Report and access the data to be populated.

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination of both to perform these activities. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permissions. 

Required Role Permissions
Role: Section Access Permissions Needed
Users > Users View or Modify permission
Suggested Role Permissions
Role: Section Access Permissions Suggested
Courses > Enrollments View or Modify permission
Reports > Generated Reports* Access permission
Reports > User Transcript Access permission

*Admin must have Generated Reports permission in order to export report data to Excel or CSV.

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