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This article contains instructions and details about Absorb Create core functionality.


The quiz page will create a page where you can layer multiple questions in order to create an assessment that will have data passed to the LMS.  This page is less versatile in terms of customization and should be used specifically for assessment purposes.  If you don't want to pass assessment data to the LMS, the question interactions are much more suited for knowledge-checks-type questions as they can be much more customized.  More info on question-type interactions here

Adding Questions

Click on the 'Add Question' button on the top in order to add questions to your assessment.  The quiz page offers 4 types of questions:  Multiple Choice, True or False, Matching and Sequencing.  To learn about how to customize questions, click here


Managing Questions

The image below shows all the different elements of the center area containing all of the questions in the quiz page.  Refer to the list in order to understand what each element does.


  1. Clicking on the 'Expand all' button will expand all of the questions to show a preview of the entire question with the answers and the customization of each question
  2. You can drag and drop the questions in order to reorder them accordingly
  3. Clicking on a question name will open that question customize panel in order to modify the question itself
  4. You can delete questions by clicking on the delete icon
  5. The total score is represented here depending on how many points each question has

Quiz Page Behaviors

When no question is selected, the side panel will display 2 categories:  'Quiz Settings' and 'Player Appearance'


The 'Player appearance' category is a global category and therefore is covered in the article here

The 'Quiz Settings' contains the parameters governing the behavior of the quiz.  Here is the list of what each parameter does.

Parameter Function
Shuffle questions The questions will appear in a random order in the assessment
Hide course navigation Setting this parameter to 'on' will show the 'previous' and 'next' buttons in the player area.  This parameter is set to off at default to avoid the learner to skip the assessment page
Quiz retries The available settings for the number of retries the learner has is: None, 1 to 5 retries, Until passed and Unlimited
Additional instructions The text written here will appear as additional instructions on the quiz launch page. 
Enable scoring Setting this to 'on' will open the scoring section and set a score for the assignment
Passing grade (%) This will set the value of the passing grade as a percentage
Include in course result The result of this quiz will count toward the overall score of this course.  If set to 'off', even though there can be a score associated with this assessment, the value will not be counted
Display score after each question Display the user's accumulated score after each question
Display feedback Display passed/failed feedback message at the end of each question
Reveal answers Allow the user to reveal answers to answered questions
Shuffle questions The order of the questions from the quiz will be randomized
Allow skipping of questions The user will be able to skip questions


Question setup

Clicking on a question will open that question for you to modify its content.  The image below shows all of the parameters that are customizable for the quiz questions along with a list of what they do.


  1. This is the area to enter the title of the question.  Clicking on this area will open the side panel with parameters associated with that field
  2. It is possible to add an image, a video, or an audio file along with the question.  The text is optional
  3. This is the area where you enter the corresponding answers
  4. Clicking on one of the bullet points of an answer will set that answer as the right answer for the question
  5. Dragging and dropping the answers will reorder them accordingly
  6. Clicking on this icon will delete the corresponding answer
  7. Clicking on the 'Add' button will add an additional answer
  8. Clicking on 'Done' will save the settings of the question and go back to the assessment page

Question settings

With a question selected, the side panel will display parameters to modify the question itself, the changes will be applied to the section of the question that you are selecting, i.e. if you select an answer field, you will modify parameters for that field.  There are 2 categories:  Behavior and Feedback. 

Let's go through them:

Behavior Panel


  1. Click here to add your custom fonts.  After uploading the files, they will appear in the font selection menu.
  2. Font settings menu.  This is where you will modify your selected text.  Each of those parameters is covered in the Interactions article found here
  3. Multimedia Settings:  Click on this field to add an image, video, or audio file to your selected field.
  4. If you add a multimedia file in your field, this button will appear, and clicking on it will open the media library to select your media file to be displayed
  5. Text Position:  You can have a choice to have the text of the field aligned with the media asset depending on these choices:  No text, Top, Bottom, Left, Right.
  6. Width:  Select how wide you want your media asset to be displayed.  This parameter will always retain a locked aspect ratio
  7. Score:  Specify the score of the question if the score has been enabled
  8. Shuffle answers:  Answers to the question will be shuffled whenever a learner opens the question
  9. Multiple answers:  Setting this to 'on' will transform the bullet point for choosing the right answer to a checkmark where you can specify multiple answers.  All answers must be chosen to be registered as successful

Feedback Panel


  1. Toggling this on will display feedback at the end of the question
  2. Fields for writing customized feedback on 'success' and 'fail'.  Note that clicking on any of the fields in the feedback tab will open a font popup which will enable you to customize the font of that field
  3. Fields for writing customized feedback per specific answer.  Again, clicking on any of the fields will open the font popup tab for further font customization.

Question types

There are 5 types of questions on the quiz page.  We'll go through the distinction between each of them.

1. Multiple Choice

Learner picks an answer from a multitude of choices.  Very straightforward to set.  Once created, you input your question and answers in the field.

2. True or False

Also straightforward.  Once created, input the question and the 2 answers for true and false

3. Matching

The most complex of the 4.  Start by inputting your question at the top, then fill out the 3 sections as shown below:


  1. Write the answers there. 
  2. Next, at the bottom of the question, you input the matches. 
  3. Finally, in this section, you decide which match corresponds to which answer.

4. Sequencing

This one is rather fast to set as well.  You write the question and the set of answers as a sequence to place in the proper order.  The only different parameter is shown on the left where you can reorder the sequence of the steps.


5. FreeText

You can use the free-text question type at the end of a quiz to get feedback or for a long text question. 


The feedback section is optional as you can choose to enable or disable it using the toggle as well as customizing the feedback. 


This concludes our article on the Quiz Page!

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