Video Editing and Course Creation Updates

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This article covers the updates made to the video editing capabilities of Create ( Integration with AbsorbLMS, Authoring tool, Authoring tool and delivery), as well the updated design options when building a brand new course. The updated Create Course window now allows you to start building your course by either selecting a theme or by selecting which type of content you want to add to your course. With the enhanced video editor, you are now able to cut segments out of a video file hosted in the Media Library. 


Creating a Course: Theme or Content?

Previously when creating a brand new course, the Create Course window was theme-focused, meaning you had to select a theme first when creating a brand new course. In the latest release, you are now given the option of either selecting a theme and then adding your content to the course slides, or choosing the option to add the content to your slides first and selecting your theme later.


1. When in the workspace, click on the [Create] button in the top banner of the page


2. In the Create Course window, you can scroll to view your custom themes, theme templates, or the option to start from scratch. You will now see the three additional options at the bottom of the window for adding either a blank course slide, performing a screen recording within the tool, or uploading a video file.



Blank Course

You can immediately start adding content to your course using the Blank Course option and add a theme to it later. When the course is created, it will use our default theme.

1. Choose the option of Blank Course in the Create Course window


2. Enter a title for your course


3. Your course will now be created and you will be brought to the blank slide within the course. You can later update the theme for the course by clicking on the Appearance tab in the right-side editing menu



Screen Recording

In the Create Course window, you have the option to begin doing a screen recording which will save a video file of the recording in your Media Library.

1. Select the option of Screen Recording in the Create Course window


2. Enter a title for your course


3. Select your audio source



4. Select which screen or tab you want to share and record (Note: if you only have one screen you will be able to switch tabs)


5. Click to start your recording


6. The system will countdown from 3 before it begins recording


7. While recording, the system will show you how long you have been recording, as well as give you the options to pause or stop the recording


8. Once you have finished recording, click Stop



Upload Video

In the Create Course window you also have the option of choosing the option to upload a video which allows you to upload a video file into the media library and use that file to start your new course.

1. In the Create Course window click on the option of Upload Video


2. Give your course a title


3. You will be brought to the media library where you can either select a previously uploaded video file, or click to [Upload Video]


4. When uploading a new video file, you can upload the file from your computer, Google Drive, or OneDrive


5. After selecting your video file make sure to click the [Upload] button in the bottom-right corner


6. Once the video has finished uploading, click to select that file in the media library and then click [Select]


7. The video will now get added to a slide in your course which will use our default theme. You can make changes to the course's theme under the appearance menu



Video Editing

Using the Create tool you are able to edit screen recordings done directly within Create, or edit uploaded video files in the Media Library. This editing allows you to trim time in the beginning and/or the end of the video as well as cut segments from the middle of the video.


1. If you want to edit a video file that is already in the Media Library, select that file and click on the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner to pull up the options for that file. Select the option of 'Edit Video'


2. If you did a screen recording within Create, as soon as you end the recording you will be brought to the video editing window


3. In the Edit Video window you can click and drag the green marker to set the new start time of the video and/or drag the red marker to set the end time of the video. To cut a segment in the middle, drag the green marker to the start of the cut and the red marker to the end of the cut, then click on the button [Cut]


4. Edits to the video will be indicated as a linemark in the video timeline


5. While editing the video, you also have the option to undo/redo edits, zoom in or out of the video timeline, or enter the full-screen editor view


6. Once you are done editing the video, click [Save] and give the video file a name


7. Your edited video will now be added to your media library for you to add to your course slides.



Note that every time you attempt to edit an existing video in your library, you will be asked to save a new copy of the video. This is done to ensure you have an original copy of your video in case you would like to re-edit the original copy. 

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