License Management: License Assignment, User Roles and Workspaces

Please note: Licenses may only be assigned to individual/personable emails and not shared account/hot seat emails. Troubleshooting will not be conducted on shared email accounts. 

In this lesson, we will take you through the steps in the Absorb LMS to set up a user with a Create license


License assignment

To assign a license to a user:

  1.   Navigate to the 'users' tab in the LMS.
  2.   Choose the user you want to assign the license to and click 'edit user'
  3.   Scroll down until you see the 'Creator' toggle.  Enable this parameter to assign the Create license to that user.mceclip0.png

Note:  You cannot switch a license to another user.  To do so you have to contact Absorb in order to carry the operation.

Once the license has been applied to the user.  That user can then access Create by clicking on the Create button in the sidebar as shown in the image below:


As you can see, this menu has 2 options:

  • Create Content:  This opens Absorb Create and create a new course.  You will be greeted by the themes menu
  • Manage Content: This opens Absorb Create in the courses menu so that you can continue editing an existing course.

User roles

There are 4 types of roles for Create.  The menu to assign roles is found just under the 'Create' toggle after the toggle has been enabled:


Roles definition:

  • Author:  Ability to create new courses and modify content in Absorb Create.  Cannot publish courses
  • Publisher: Same rights as 'Author' + can publish courses
  • Producer:  Same rights as 'Publisher' + can create custom theme, shared templates and models
  • Owner:  Admin rights.  Has access to everything


Next to 'Roles' is the 'Workspace' menu.  Workspaces are environments made to contain courses inside of Absorb Create.  It is a way to segregate courses between multiple departments or offices.  They can be set any way the company prefers.  A course can only be in one workspace at the same time. 

In the menu, search and click on a workspace to add the user to that workspace.

In order to create a new workspace: 

  1.   Click on the workspace field
  2.   Write the name of the Workspace you want to create. 
  3.   A button named 'Create new workspace' will appear, click on the button and the workspace is created


A user can be assigned multiple workspaces.  Once in Absorb Create, they can choose which workspace they want to work in by clicking on the 'Workspace' button in the top right and choosing between the workspaces that they have been assigned.


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