Enrollment Method Legend

Absorb tracks the Enrollment Method of Learners into courses. The Enrollment Method can be added as a Filter onto a Report such as the User Enrollments Report. This Filter, once added, allows you to observe how a Learner was enrolled into a specific course. The following legend showcases what method of Enrollment will result in which Enrollment Method:

Event Enrollment Method Notes

Learner enrolled via automatic enrollment rules

Learner enrolled via DMS. Automatic

It is possible for the DMS to update Enrollments, which will update the Reference Number. This means

it's not strictly possible to identify Enrollments added vs updated by the DMS. Enrollments updated

via the DMS may have any enrollment method

Learner enrolled via Alfred. Automatic In theory, any Enrollment Method can be used by an Alfred import
Learner enrolled via API using POST api/Rest/v1/enroll/{courseId} Admin This call enrolls the "current User" (i.e. whoever the API is authenticated as).
Learner enrolled by Admin via Admin Interface. Admin

Includes Online Courses, Course Bundles, Courses within Course Bundles, Curricula and ILCs.

Learner enrolled themselves. Self  
Learner purchased course via e-Commerce. Self Regardless of whether the Learner already existed or if it was someone public who had to create an account.
Learner enrolled as defined in an Enrollment Key. Self  
Learner enrolled as part of a Curriculum (they clicked "enroll"). Self  
Learner enrolled as a Post-Enrollment. System  
Learner enrolled via API using POST api/Rest/v1/users/{userId}/enrollments/{courseId} System Enrolling a User other than the API account via API.
Learner enrolled into On Login Course. Mandatory Course specified in Portal Settings > Users.
Learner re-enrolled themselves. Re Enrollment  
Admin clicks "Re-Enroll" for a Learner's enrollment. Re Enrollment Specifically, this won't show up as Admin for the Enrollment Method, even though an Admin did the action.
Automatic Re-enrollment. Re Enrollment  
Learner re-enrolled via API using POST api/Rest/v1/users/{userId}/enrollments/{courseId} API Re Enrollment using ?reenroll=true
Learner enrolled as part of a Curriculum (Post-Enrollment Rule). System  
Learner enrolled as part of a Certificate Expiry Re-Enrollment. Re Enrollment  
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