How do learners download and sync offline progress using the Absorb Learning Mobile App?

The following is available to Learners if their portal has been enabled for the Absorb Learner Mobile App. Learn more about this feature here.

If the Absorb Learning Mobile App has been enabled on your portal, your Learners will be able to work on their Courses while they have an internet connection and even offline if a Course has been enabled for download. You can review this article to learn more about how to configure a Course for the Absorb Learning Mobile App. Please note that only certain Lesson types are supported for the mobile app. These Lesson types are listed in the in the introduction of the Absorb Learning Mobile App article.

If a Learner has begun a Course on the mobile app while online, then realizes they will need to go offline and downloads the course, any progress in the Course will be lost and the Learner will need to start the course from the beginning.

This article can be used by Admins to educate Learners on the steps needed to download Courses and sync Course progress between the Absorb Learn Mobile App and their web LMS.  

Log In Options

Learners can log in using the SSO sign-in or the username and password options discussed in this article.


Step Action  Image

Once signed in to the Absorb Learning Mobile App, Learners can view their enrollments on the My Courses tab or they can enroll in new Courses using the directions in this article.


When viewing the list of Courses under the My Courses tab, Learners can select to download a Course by clicking on the downward arrow to the right of the description.

If an Admin has not made the Course available for download, Learners will see a circle with a line through it instead of the arrow which indicates that the Course is not available for download. 


Learners can also click on the Course title from the list in My Courses.  They will then view the Course Details page where they can also download the Course by clicking the downward arrow in the top right corner of that page.  (The number next to the arrow indicates the size of the Course file.) 

4. Once a Learner has downloaded a Course, a faded check will be displayed at the top of the page.   faded_download.png
5. The Learner can click the Resume button in the Course Details area to continue viewing the Course online or offline when no internet connection is available. resume.png 

Once a Learner has made progress on a Course or Curriculum while offline (when no internet connection is available), the sync icon will appear next to the title of the Course in My Courses.

When the Learner clicks the sync icon it will sync the progress in the Absorb Learning Mobile App with the web LMS.

It is important to note that if a Learner attempts to sync their progress while still offline (without connectivity), they will receive an error message.  Once back online (with connectivity), they can click the sync icon again to update their progress. 

If Learners report any other errors,  Admins can refer to the Troubleshooting section of this article for more information.



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