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Using the Automatic Enrollment function, you can create rules to manage admission into a Course. Learner demographics, such as their associations with specific departments, groups, competency, or even a physical location, for example, are elements of the Automatic Enrollment Rule used to identify which Learners will become enrolled.

This function can help with bulk-enrolling a large number of Learners into a training program and establish the criteria for how new Learners will become eligible for enrollment in the future.  This article will provide instructions on how to enable and add Automatic Enrollment Rules to a Course and configure Automatic Re-Enrollment settings.


Important Note
  • Only those who meet the rule criteria will be automatically enrolled in the specific Course by the LMS.
    • Learners can still become enrolled via alternative administrative actions (i.e., a System Admin manually enrolls a Learner into the Course).
  • Automatic Enrollment Rules impact existing and new users, leading to automatic enrollments for those who meet the rule criteria.
  • Learn how to configure your Course for Automatic Re-Enrollment here.

Table of Contents

Instructions: How to Build an Automatic Enrollment Rule (Specific)

The Enrollment Rules Course Settings section is where you can configure Automatic Enrollment options.  Learn more about these options here.



Step Instructions
1. Enable Automatic Enrollment

Beginning from the Enrollment Rules Course Settings > Enable Automatic Enrollment section of a Course, click the radio button labeled Specific.

  • This action opens a sub-section: Automatic Enrollment Rule
2. Automatic Enrollment Rule

Click the Add Rule button.

  • This action opens a Rule statement builder.
3. Add Rule

Each Rule is composed of three fields:

Rule Field Details
User Information Demographic and custom field values like Email Address, Date Hired, Department.
Search Operator The logic to qualify the User Rule field value. For example: "Starts With" or "Does Not Contain."
Confirmation Value The value needed to complete the Rule statement.



Enrollment Rule Logic

Enrollment Rules establish who has permission to and how they can enroll in Courses. You can further configure these rules by applying conditions AND, OR, or both. 


AND is used to combine multiple values in a single Rule.  All of the values must be met to return a result.

Example: You want to enroll all Customer Service Representatives in North America automatically. 

Only Learners who have both the Job Title "Customer Service Representative" AND Location "North America" are eligible for automatic enrollment per the Rule. Customer Service Representatives not in North America are excluded from this Rule because they do not meet all conditions.




OR is used to add alternative conditions to a Rule. Any of the terms that meet the Rule's criteria will return a result.

Example: You want to automatically enroll Learners located in either "North America" OR "Europe". 

Learners who are not in either location are excluded because they do not meet any of the conditions.



Combine AND with OR to extend Rule statements.

Learners can meet the conditions of the first Rule AND its refinement(s) OR the single criteria in the second Rule.

Example: You want to automatically enroll Learners who are "Customer Service Representative" AND Located in "North America" OR anyone located in "Europe".



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