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Modifying Course & Lesson Status for Online Courses

In this article, we provide information on the differences between Course and Lesson Status and best practices when making modification to a Learner's status for an Online Course

There are times where an Admin may need to update a Learner’s completion status manually, rather than have them complete the course in Absorb LMS. In these cases, you will want to review the Status for both the Course and Lesson and make adjustments to both.  If you only modify the Status of the Course or Lesson, they will display a different status to the Admins and User and this may be confusing.  

There may be occasions where you may want to manually override a Course Status and not the Lesson status but this is rare.  For example, you may want to override the Course Status to allow a User access to another step in the learning process, yet you may still might want to maintain their Lesson Activity data so you can confirm that they have not completed the Lesson.

As noted, this situation would be rare and so to avoid Admin and User confusion, it is best to modify the Lesson Status when modifying a User's Course Status.  

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