Absorb Admin Refresh Checklist


Ready to upgrade to Admin Refresh? 

We’ve put this comprehensive Admin Refresh checklist together that summarizes features that have a change in product behavior and or have different accessibility in the new refreshed interface. We encourage you to review this list with your internal teams and an Absorb representative, to familiarize yourself with features that have changed ahead of your upgrade, as this will help determine the level of readiness you have and avoid potential program impact.
Have any questions? Please let us know - reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager, or the Absorb Support team to initiate your upgrade process. We are here to help!


As part of the upgrade, most of your Saved Report Layouts will automatically be translated to the new reporting engine. However, there are some layouts that may not translate successfully, in which case we recommend the following:

  • If the Layout was relatively simple, the easiest approach would be to recreate it
  • If significant numbers of Layouts were not translated, our support team can retry the automated process for you after you’ve upgraded
  • If neither of the above work for you, please submit a ticket with the details of the specific Layout(s) so we can improve the automated translation process 


Our reporting engine has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a better admin experience. We have tested thousands of reporting configurations successfully but it is possible that there may still be some configurations (e.g. combinations of Filters and Refines) that do not work as expected.

In most cases, there will be a workaround available but please report these to our support team anyways so we can resolve any outstanding edge cases.


File Manager

We removed the complex File Manager in favor of a simpler file uploading experience that better integrates with permissions and provides enhanced security. However, we are still working on an additional feature to enable the reuse of files between Courses/other LMS areas so for the time being reused files would need to be uploaded each time.


Instructor-Led Courses & Sessions

We no longer support the older style of ILC sessions (which allowed for manual Class creation and scheduling). As part of the upgrade (if you were still using the old-style) you will get access to simpler recurrence rules, modern calendar invites (instead of ICS files), and our Zoom integration. However, you will no longer be able to set arbitrary recurrence of sessions where the times/days do not follow a recurrence pattern.


We implemented an entirely new dashboard with far more configurability and improved visualizations. Most of the dashboard widgets have been recreated in the new dashboard already, but a few are still being worked on and will be released in the near future.

View History

Within our View History pages for Courses, Users, etc. some data changes are not appearing. The missing changes are still being tracked at the database level and will gradually be added back to the UI.

In Progress

A small number of features have not yet been recreated in the Admin Refresh, but will be added in the near future:

  • Locked Department on Courses
  • Group Visibility for Courses
  • Survey Feedback Ranges



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